deep shit characters



Baby Doom is the leading character in 'Deep Shit'


She is the singer of a punk band called 'The Brides of Mayhem'. She is the smartest of the team. Only the devil, perhaps, outsmarts her.



her friend is the guitarist Blister. He is sweet, impulsive and agressive at times.

The bassplayer of The Brides of Mayhem is called Rick Modder - he's too lazy to tune his bass guitar. Or add more than one string.


The Hammer - the drummer of The Brides of Mayhem never speaks.


Jean Paul Saté and Cor Steijn Junior play in the rival band 'The Forgotten Targets'


The devil plays an important role in Deep shit and has different faces.




Skindeep is the bartender of café Deep Shit. On his shoulder is the guitarist of the 'Sparks From Hell'.