rebuild bridges


You came so far, left everything behind

One falling star, what did you hope to find?

Your whole past shows in your face

now all you have is this single case

that you don’t seem to want to open

but we know that’s what you’ll do

We’re able to rebuild the bridges that you’ve burned

So far, so good; you thought we understood

and we put you somewhere, and we gave you food

Now all you do is just bide your time

Crave for the light that you hoped to find

Bit the devil still hides in your shadow

collecting darkness day by day

He started to rebuild the bridges that you burned
Burn a bridge and it will light up the night

You can run but never hide

We got papers that are harder than stone

the pillars of the bridge on which we send you home

So if there comes a day the devil’s at your door

walk along with him and set off for the shore
See, he has rebuild the bridges that you burned

walk back home over the bridges that returned

Look who has rebuild the bridges that were burned