don and dave's sit and see it happen show


Don: Hi, I'm Don

Dave: And I'm Dave

Don: and this is...

All: Don and Dave's Sit and see it happen Show!


Don: Tonight on the program: 'Stardom or Death',
on the road with the makers, always good for a laugh.

Dave: That's right Don, and I can add some twist to the fun
we have 'Sex or Starvation' and see how it's done.

Anchorwoman: 'Peep on your Neighbours' is back on demand

Have sex with the president, if you got a lucky hand

Dave: 'Bringing the refugees back home' in which our reporter

disguised as 'one of the boys' brings along a hidden cam

Don: See real people suffer, and weep along

Experience that unvoluntary departure

Anchorwoman: In 'Praxis Taxis' the man on the street

declares a war to any appealing enemy

All:  It's Don and Dave's Sit and See it happen Show

It's Don and Dave's Sit and See it happen Show

Anchorwoman: Now, we have Miss World who draws a lucky number
which Charity Fund gets the loot?

Dave: Prices presented by Cleanz-o-Tech!

Don: Cleanzo-Tech, easy and Spotless!

Anchorwoman: and how much will there be left over

having paid the surgeon for her boobs and snoot?

Don: But that, ladies and gentlemen, is our cliffhanger

Dave: Result's on next week's show

Don: As we are helping the Third Wold's standard

Dave: by sending strippers with the Lord, our shepherd

Anchorwoman: All that we ask you is to sit and linger

Sit and See it happen, but donate your dough

Dave:  Donate it to Don!
Don:   No, donate it to Dave!

All: To Don, to Dave, to Don and Dave's Sit and See it Happen Show!

Anchorwoman: Don and Dave

Don + Dave: Dave and Don!

Anchorwoman: Dave and Don

Don + Dave: Don and Dave!

All: It's Don and Dave's Sit and See it happen Show!