girls for don and dave


Don + Dave: The Don and Dave’s Sit and See it Happen Show needs girls, girls

Don: Pretty as a picture

backings: Pretty as a picture

Don: D’ you need a job that pays well?

Don + Dave: too good for you age girl?

Don: Then do it!

Dave: Apply!

Don: Send a picture!

ave: Write a letter, add size and age!

Don: Make this job fit you like your skin!

Don + Dave: When you’re welcome to come along, if you’re a chosen one

Don: wear a dress that’s not too long

Don + Dave: girl, girl!

Don: You’ll have to appear on the audition...

Don + Dave: It’s a worldwide window at the prettiest of girls, girls!

Dave: But do it!

Don: Don’t be shy!

Dave: Get the money!

Don: Get the credits!

Dave: Bath in extravagant luxury and fly high!

backings: Fly high!

Don: Fit the picture

Dave: Make sure you ain’t lying

Don: Dress sharp and tasty

Dave: Something exotic!

Don: Too cool for the summer

Don + Dave: Stagger on heels and don’t bring your daddy!

Let’s not rationalize the fun-part of television

Let’s recognize the love in our souls.

Don’t spoil your fresh en youthful lust for freedom

We can be one if you don’t act so square.