beacons of light


Brand new shoes in my hand, beacons of light

barefoot on the pavement, don't know my left from right


She strolled dressed up in flames

gave me the hots

She's the coolest of dames

but she burns what she spots


Benumbed and deluted, beacons of light

lonely uprooted, trail in the night

What else is there to hang on to?

She would'nt notice me dead

but those beacons of light do

and send my shadow ahead


Stumbling all alone, following the beacons of light

Drift about home; it's hard to get there but I might

See me all alone; the city’s streetlights shine so bright 


You ain't goodlooking cause you shut me out

I will be out if sight once you treat me right

in the spot, in the midst of the crowd

reflecting the glances from the people of the night

Beacons of light, get me out of site

Trail in the night, pale beacons of light

Stumble home alright, I'm really out of sight