november 11


Derucha was a beautiful boy, always shared his love and favorite toy

With his prickleput-faced, intellectually dazed


The people watched and blinked at each other

Derucha was born as a spark from the sun,

while Dromedius came as the wash undone

Their mother died, it was said from fright,

November eleven

Derucha said she went to heaven

Dromedius never smiled as he looked above

At the stars in the skies, a thousand pair of eyes

Derucha was a star at school,

but Dromedius stayed home,

he was known as a fool

Derucha at five, lightened his life,

with sparkling stories

That Dromedius couldn’t get,

although he said he was sorry

Derucha met a beautiful maid,

she was very sweet,

unaware of her fate

Dromedius knew inside, it was bright:

she was his mother

He fell on his knees, and he thanked his brother

Dromedius smiled as he looked above, at the stars in the skies

A missing pair of eyes

One starry night when their father wasn’t home

It happened that Dromedius was shown

The truth about the girl that seemed his mother

He peeked trough the keyhole and he saw her

She seemed in pain with Derucha rocking on her
A flashing hammer crashed Derucha’s skull

Dromedius stared at the stains on the girl

'Derucha how could you be so bad to smear our mother?'

and he ran off in the night to tell his father...