sell your soul



In this videoclip, you see the Spinshots perform their song '(Shut your trap and) Sell Your Soul'. The Spinshots invited the great blues singer Boyd Small to do the lead singing and Flora Dolores asked her sisters Cathy and Sofia to do the backings.


'Sell Your Soul' is a song guitarist Martin Draax wrote for his animated short film 'Deep Shit' in which Boyd Small provides the voice of the devil. The Spinshots performed the soundtrack with the help of a legion of gifted guest musicians. In fact, we were so happy with the music, we decided to make this clip, in which you see (most of) the actual musicians perform.














Lead vocals: Boyd Small
Backing Vocals: Flora, Cathy and Sofia Dolores
Drums: Emanuel Wiemans
Bass: Andreas Tscholl
Guitar: Martin Draax
Trombone: Axel Schappert
Trumpet: Ruud 'Trompie' Kleiss
Saxophone: Mikkel van der Meulen
Keys: Julien Kummer
Sound Engineer: Hans Koomans
Sound Production: Rob Berends
Music and Lyric written by Martin Draax

Camera + Light: Jelle Mulder
Make up and Hair Dolores Sisters: Jennifer Bardoul
Assistant: Patrick Raats
Saxophone Playback: Simon Kelaita
Sofia's Playback: Cathy Dolores
Art + Direction: Martin Draax


Balder Westein, Rosto, Brian Bik, Jelle Mulder, Edwin Slothouber, Patrick Raats

The Animation film 'Deep Shit' is now online. And you can buy a dvd if you look very hard for it.