shake off the past


Let’s drink to all our lonely best friends

Thank a few for their hearty advice
Friends who find themselves namelessely lost ‘tween painful brainlobes
Their hosts unlikely to contextualize

Here’s to all the shady ladies inside
Sweet sultry coquettes without a name
Hot flavoured dames responding to besotted primal instincts
Their fate to end up one and all the same

So let’s shake, shake, shake,
Let’s shake off the past
Today’s as good as any to forget and start again
Life is ahead, never behind
Shake off the past

Sure I did some things not to be proud of
There must have been times that I should regret
But hey, let’s face it life’s ahead, more issues to be left unsaid
I’m shaking off whatever makes me sad


Nothingness that’s what all things are made of
I never get a grip on what I see
Life is just observing changes, nothing ever stays the same
So let’s shaaaake
Let’s shaaake
Let’s shake of the past and we’ll be freeeeeee!