always 2nd best

Always Second Best

I tried so hard to be with you…
But no matter how tried
You just have eyes for  hat woman,
I know that she looks right
What about me?
Why don’t you see me?
You just have eyes for her.
I know she’s always better.
I guess I’ll end up always second best

I know that I ain’t the one for you, It fills my heart with grieve
But she ain’t right for her either and this you can believe
She doesn’t see you
like you don’t see me
And I know you get, when you’re always second best
And your romance is never gonna last

Oh how I tried to feel better inside
I told myself it’s good you’re just a friend
Oooh but I can’t stand
You keep running to her
And I have to end up always second best

Cause darling I‘ve got so much love to give
And that is what you need
If I could just give you all I have
I would do so indeed
Just let us be
As one, you see, please
I still would be your friend
You wouldn’t need another

We’d both be number one you see
We’d never have to ever be second best.