Gone before he left

He is the shadow of a nightmare
cast upon your day
He's up in smoke before you catch fire
Leaving ash clouds, gone away
He's a reflection of illusions
by in vogue incrowds
And just when he seems to appear soon
He is long gone, leaving clouds


He surfs on the clutter of the scene
a trail of girls, but he remains unseen

He seems to come into existence
emerging from the cleft
of our mutual experience
But he's gone before he left
His steps are softer than the whispers
He's obscured by
He cuts himself from his own background
a blind spot in your eye
He leaves any shattered crowd upset

wrecks a scene and is gone, before he left


Doesn't know of failure and mistakes
Isn't where you heartbrokenly gaze
into nothingness
Left you disgraced

He moves in fields beyond cognition
He leaves your life wrecked
As he is only the ignition
It was you who lit the match
Regret, as you know, is valueless
he's gone, and he was, long before he left
Long gone, as he was, before he left