Deep Shit




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Animated short - 10:30, 35 mm and DCP

Two bands, six musicians. They lack talent as much as they crave recognition. The devil appears and offers his help.
In Deep Shit, the leading characters make a metaphysical trip to meet their maker, with disastrous results.


Running time: 10'30", Release (date): maart 2012, Director: Martin Draax, Script: Martin Draax, Key animation: Studio Urrebuk: Sander Alt, Michiel Wesselius, Daan Faudet, Ramon Oranje, Producer(s): Arnoud Rijken, Patrick Raats voor Photon Films, Music by: Martin Draax. Performed by The Spinshots + guests, Foley and effects: Jeroen Nadorp, Bob Kommer Studios, Compositing: Sander Alt, Jan Woudenberg, Balder Westein
Miscellaneous: a Photon Films production, Line producer: Patrick Raats, designs by Martin Draax