Amsterdam Klezmer Band asked me to write, design and direct a theatrical show for them - and in a period of a year the band, the team and me managed to create something out of everybody's comfort zone. I also did the graphic design and art direction of the publicity materials - Amsterdam Klezmer Band gives me free hand, so I give them the best I can - I think they are the best clients an artist can think of.

And the team with which I could work to create 'Septacost' was the best ever.

Above: poster for the show - photo shot by Eddo Hartmann.



Compilation of the premiere as seen from the tech boot

teaser for the show


For 'Septacost' (premiere Oerol 2017), we had a tent set up at a remote place on the island  - the audience had to do some effort to get there: they would need bicycles to find their way through the night on the dark bumpy bicycle lanes of Terschelling island. But the disorientation and disconnection from normality added to the understanding and tansmission of the concept: the theatre piece is all about loneliness and the role of friendship in your life. And how fragile and relative solutions are.



this is the tent being built up at the island of Terschelling.



'making of' Septacost


logo design for Septacost by Amsterdam Klezmer Band


iconography for Septacost - teeshirts, stickers, posters, this image was also very useful for social networks and - in what I hope is a 'Saul Bass' way, tells the story in one image.

This is what it looked like when people had to find the place at night.


inside the tent with the 'work lights' on


the designs for the stage





During the show, the set got more and more undressed. In the end, we just see the band playing in a frame with projections of waves of all kinds. And so a hyper disclipinary piece in which everbody had to be very precise, framing their their mise-en-scènes with perfect timing, turned into a wild party making everybody forget their existential loneliness every night.